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Our sample package of 6 teas from around the world (we now have teas from over 15 countries) that provide a unique taste experience as well as providing plenty of antioxidants for help against aging or other medicinal purposes. Give yourself a taste treat and experience the soothing nature of a good cup of tea either hot or iced. We will delivery a 6-pack of selections from our 60 variety collection. We are working constantly in getting an even wider selection. Why not do a standing order and we’ll deliver to you each month a different selection of teas. Find the perfect teas among the hundreds available worldwide for your drinking pleasure.

Here is a short list of the teas that we have available for your health and drinking pleasure:

Orange and Spice Herbal tea, Chinese Goji Berry Slimming tea, Green Tea Superfruit antioxidant Mangostein and Peach, English Breakfast tea, Ceylon Orange Pekoe tea, the Original Ceylon Premium tea, Yerba Mate from the pampas of Argentina, Indian Chai, Black Tea Decaffeinated with Orange Rind and Sweet Spices, Turko Baba Turkish Apple tea, Green Tea Naturally Decaffeinated,White tea Black Currant, Herbal Mint tea, Earl Grey tea from Calabria, Hibiscus Honey Lemon, tea, Green Tea passion fruit, Jasmine Green tea, Maui Mango tea, Japanese Green Tea Classic, Guava Green tea, White Tea Citrus, White tea Orange Blossom, Green Tea Promegranate, Sweet Dreams Herbal tea, Chamomile and Mint blend tea, China Oolong tea, Waikiki Pineapple tea, Lady Grey Classic Blended tea, Cozy Chamomile Herbal tea, Cranberry Apple Herbal tea, Darjeeling Black tea, the champagne of black teas, Herbal Peppermint tea, Sweet Dreams Herbal tea, Chrysanthemum tea and many more from Thailand and Indonesia.

Get started today with a sample selection (our choice) by ordering NOW and give your taste buds and health a treat.


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