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We use carefully selected ingredients to make our tasty seaweed snacks, which is why Tao Kae Noi is the largest seaweed manufacturer in Thailand.

When I first came to Thailand I remember going to a movie theater with poor sound but a HUGE screen. The cost of a movie was 25 Baht, at the time $1.00. The hardest adjustment was that there was no popcorn in Thailand at the time and the entire theater smelled of this seaweed snack. It kind of ruined my Movie Experience, until I tasted it. Delicious.

With every purchase you will receive 2 Packets 3.5 gms each. You may choose:
2 Original Flavor Packets
2 Spicy Flavored Packets
1 each Original and Spicy

Product Description :
Taokaenoi Japanese Fried Seaweed is manufactured by high quality machine. Taokaenoi seaweed is clean, fresh, crispy and naturally delicious. You can enjoy this product everywhere and anytime. Kelp is a food that contains minerals that your body needs such as Protein and high fiber. Seaweed snacks are common in Asian countries and famous for its health benefits. Seaweed originally used in Japan is a very popular Thai snack.

Ingredients :
Seaweed 85%, Vegetable Oil 9%, Seasonings 6% , MSG and flavored food.

Net Weight : 3.5 g per package

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