ChaCha Roasted and Salted Sunflower Seeds (Spiced)


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ChaCha Roasted and Salted Sunflower Seeds (Spiced)

The ChaCha sunflower seeds. They pick select, large and plump full sunflower seeds. They are grown in inner Mongolian i all natural, environmental-friendly farms. They are then stuffed with traditional herbal flavor, followed by steaming and roasting. The crispy tasty seeds are sure to bring you the happiness of a delicious treat.

There are three flavors, this one is ChaCha Roasted and Salted Sunflower Seeds (Spiced Flavor) – Ingredients: Sunflower Seeds, Salt., Spice, Sweeteners (Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose).

You will note that it is spiced, not spicy. The flavor of the seeds are enhanced using all natural chinese herbs. The Thai package translates “5 flavors” not “Spiced” as in the english version. Perhaps the Thai is a better description.

Pricing full disclosure. My price is 2.99 a pack free shipping. The next best price I found online was 2.99 plus shipping. Shipped to the USA was 6.70.

There were other comparable prices, but required a minimum purchase of six packs, plus shipping.


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