Lovage-Leaf-Dried-Herb, Romanian Bio


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Lovage-Leaf-Dried-Herb, Romanian Bio “Leustean” for soups, bors, ciorbe, 20 gr.
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In European cuisine, lovage is among the few herbs and spices can replace the salt considered, in terms of taste (salt is contraindicated in many cardiovascular diseases, digestive or urinary renal). Romanian culinary tradition, lovage is seen exclusively as an ingredient of borsurilor and soups, but it can be used in soups (as in Italy) or in dishes with potatoes (as in German cuisine). What is important is to not lose their therapeutic properties, to be eaten cooked as little being added after I cooked food, and while it is not on fire.

Experiments on rabbits have shown that after inoculation with lovage extract was quickly recorded an increase in kidney function. Lovage action reminiscent of rosemary, so it is indicated in the treatment of digestive disorders, bad seats with removal difficult, smelly gas, mucus.

Lovage root has diuretic action and is used in treating urinary disorders, dropsy and pneumonia.

Lovage tea is effective in digestive disorders, loose stools, gas formation, influence the bleeding pelvic organs, stimulate menstrual flow, urine and sputum in bronchial catarrh case. It is recommended especially in case of a fund with heart disease nervous

Mucous secretion stimulates root and seeds. It is recommended to strengthen the frail skeletal infants or children. In case of bumps or tumors boil root, the air or the seeds and add to bathwater. Lovage tea is a diuretic medicine recommended by most cards
Lovage is an ancient herb that is very under-used these days.
It goes with many dishes, particularly well with Potatoes or Tomatoes.
Lovage imparts hints of Celery and Parsley in a wonderful combination that will add depth and flavour to your dishes.
Ideal for adding to soups and stews-simply drop in a small handful and stir in.

Drop a few leaves into a glass of iced water for a refreshing drink.

Lovage herbal Tea infusion is a very refreshing and pleasant drink at any time of the day or night.
Storage conditions and / Preparation Store in cool, dry place.
Net weight (kg / piece / l) 20 g e
Country of Origin: Germany
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