Selected Dagashi Box, Japan Traditional Set, 23 pc, Japanese Snack, Candy


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Japanese Dagashi Box. Traditional Set.

Enjoy 23 pieces different Japanese snacks, candies and rice crackers!
Only pleasant and delicious snacks are selected.

1: Onigiri Senbei – Rice cracker seasoned with soy sauce. Seaweed toppings. 14g.

2: Edamame – Green soy bean, know as edamame, flavor. Crispy snack. By Ginbis. 13g.

3: Ebi Tako Mix – Shrimp and octopus are included in senbei cracker. Seasoned with soy sauce.12g.

4: Kotsubukko – Bite sized rice cracker. Seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. By Kameda. 11g.

5: Mochi taro – Salted, tiny cracker. By Kado. 6g.

6: Dondonyaki – Sauce flavor cracker. By Kado. 12g.

7: Kinakobo – Soft stick candy dusted with kinako powder. Kinako is soy beans powder. 3 bars in 1 bag.

8: Rilakkuma Soft Sen – Salt flavor rice cracker by Kameda.10g.

9: Ebi Chibi – Shrimp senbei. 3 pieces 1 bag.

10: Kaki no tame – Tiny rice cracker. A little bit spicy. Peanuts in it. 14g.

11: Tamago boro – Tiny sweet cracker. By Iwamoto. 16g.

12: Imo Youkan – Sweet potato flavor youkan. Thick and rich taste. 26g.

13: Soba Meshi Snack – Soba snack. Yakisoba sauce flavor. 9g.

14: Hana Konpeito – tiny colorful sugar candy. Photo is pink but it can be changed to other colour.

15: Ninjin – Rice puff with sugar coating. By Yaokin.

16: Hard Candy, Mizoredama – Round hard candy with sugar frost. Colour can be changed to others.

17: Hard Candy, Kuroame – Brown sugar flavor candy by Kasugai. Long-seller.

18: Hard Candy, Ichigo Milk – Strawberry and milk flavor by Sakuma. Long-seller.

19: Hard Candy, Koume – Ume falvor. Refreshing taste. By Lotte.

20: Hard Candy, Matcha Milk – Rich taste of matcha green tea and milk. Not bitter but not too sweet.

21: Hard Candy, Azuki – Azuki flavor candy.

22: Hard Candy, Shoga Hachimitsu Ame – Ginger and honey flavor.

23: Hard Candy, Kanro Ame – Sweet soy sauce flavor.

Box size is 17cm x 22cm x 10cm.
Each portion is small.


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